Mix Peptides − Epitalon, BPC-157, TB-500 & Selank − Very high purity


Mix of different peptides (Epitalon, BPC-157, TB-500 & Selank).
Ready to use liquid or raw powder available.

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Disclaimer about peptides

Products sold on this website shouldn't be considered as regular medecine, and you should always seek a doctor if you have a health problem.

All products sold on this website are only suited for sublingual consumption, even the raw powder option, and should never be injected.

Thanks for your interest in my store, feel free to contact me for any needs!

This product is a mix of differents peptides :

  • Epitalon 100mg
  • BPC-157 100mg
  • TB-500 25mg
  • Selank 100mg

The product is available in two options, the first is a glass vial which contain a solution of the mix diluted in 10ml water. The glass come with a droppler and instructions about how to use, it’s a ready-to-use option. To use it, you only need to take one drop under the tongue every 12 hours.
The second option is the raw powder, mixed or in separate vials as you prefeer.

Feel free to contact me for any questions!


Ready-to-Use Liquid Solution, Raw Powder